Why am I even writing this post? Well…let’s set the stage.

I am preparing for a trip to Tanzania, Africa where I intend to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, drive through safaris, and take in the sun of the Zanzibar beaches.

As I prepare my gear for the trip, I think of the ‘better to have than to need’ gear and purchasing a new GoPro7 Black makes it’s way to the list. However, I start to really contemplate if it’s worth it – especially considering I have a GoPro Hero5 Black already…

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TL&DR: This post ended up unexpected pretty lengthy. In short – no, I do not think that purchasing a (newer) GoPro is worth it. There have been technical and software upgrades, but for me my current equipment (GoPro Hero5 Black, iPhone XR) will suffice for my future trips. I can’t see myself putting down the cash to purchase a newer GoPro knowing that at the end of the day I may review the footage once or twice and then retire the camera for another 8+ months before touching it again.

But I did think of what would have swayed me to upgrade… (see last section)

How did my GoPro relationship start?

It was 2016 and I was planning my first overseas international trip: Thailand and Vietnam. I could not be any more excited. I was contacting all my friends who have traveled before me to confirm that my ‘shopping list’ of preparation items didn’t miss a thing.

What was the one item that kept coming up (and was probably the most expensive item) over and over again? A GoPro.

Of course! How else am I going to capture all of the great things that I will see and do. I can’t take my phone in the water when I swim with elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand or run through the cramp tunnels of Củ Chi in Vietnam.

And there I did it, went to GoPro’s website and purchased the latest and greatest GoPro Hero5. I was officially ready to take to the streets of Bangkok and get some amazing footage!

What has my experience been with the GoPro in the past 3 years?

In the past 3 years I have traveled over 12 new countries and have taken my GoPro to only one additional place, the Philippines in 2018. So in total, it’s been to three of the countries with me…but why?

What do I think GoPro can do to recapture the everyday consumer market?

After watching the video above, I started to reflect – what would have made the difference where I would have purchased a GoPro Hero 7 Black? There has to be something to get me to spend the $399.99 + whatever the cost of a spare battery would be…

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