Corporate Athlete

Redefine the Status Quo

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Who is Nick Ayala

San Francisco Bay Area-raised with dash of collegiate influence from San Jose State University. From multinational consulting engagements at a top firm to working within venture-funded startups…

But that is more ‘what” Nick Ayala is. What about ‘who’?

A traveler, adrenaline-seeker, reader, brother, creator. My mind rarely rests as there is always something on my mind. Most will probably know me for always working on a side project outside of work. 

Recently, I have broadened my perspective on a number of topics by dedicating time towards self-development – reading, audiobooks, and podcasts have become an routine part of my life…

"...demonstrates vision, initiative, tenacity and excellent communication skills..."
Ellen Junn
President, California State University - Stanislaus
"Forward-thinking and extremely personable, Nick is the type of person you want managing your team..."
Saif Akhtar
VC/Entrepreneurship Program Developer

Legion Technologies

Role: Customer Success & Implementation

Legion is building the industry leading cloud-first Workforce Management software solution redefining how the hourly workforce is is scheduled and communicate with their employers.

From customer-facing with enterprise customer implementations to defining scalable processes to enable scaling – a day at Legion working with Engineering to Product to Sales is never boring.  

STAXX Nutrition

Role: Co-founder

The mission is simple: High-quality supplements available the need of leaving your house. 

Living an active life goes beyond the gym. STAXX is focused on building a community that helps all athletes reach their fitness goals.