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Taking Risks. As Will Smith quotes, “On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.”

From my upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area, to attending San Jose State University, to visiting over 16 countries…pushing myself to uncomfortable limits continues to drive me everyday.

A Small Step in Education. I still remember like it was yesterday when I in high school was learning about this [at the time] foreign concept of business case studies to compete in DECA’s International Career Development Conference. It was a simple competition back then, however was a profound moment that influenced much of what I pursued in the future.

That curiosity continued on through my time at San Jose State University, where I was eager to be involved in EVERYTHING that I could. Throughout my time there I was able to learn so much and make so many friends while involved as: a Resident Advisor, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Associated Students, and a number of other student organizations.

“Adulting.” Professionally I have focused on refining my skillsets at the intersection of where technology (software) meets the business world. Some of those experiences include:

always strive to learn more…


Est. 2018 – STAXX Nutrition

The leading monthly subscription supplement provider dedicated to providing quality nutrition at the affordable prices. Supplements are more than just for those who go to the gym…

Est. 2013 – QMi Systems, Inc.

The first startups I helped co-found with the mission to help student pre-order and pay for their meals and drinks at on-campus food vendors. 


"Forward-thinking and extremely personable, Nick is the type of person you want managing your team while constantly coming up with new ways to improve product."
Adam Sendler
Operations, FoundersList
"...he has extraordinary entrepreneurial skills and demonstrates vision, initiative, tenacity and excellent communication skills in all of the projects he undertakes."
Ellen Junn
President, CSU Stanislaus
"He ran many effective guerrilla campaigns achieving 1000's of conversions...very energetic, innovative, talented marketer and leader!"
Chandra Kalle
Head of Engineering, LeanTaaS

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Asking good questions in conversation provides more substance than giving someone answers. When someone approaches you with a problem, ask questions to guide them to make their own conclusions… [more…]

A new Spartan logo was laid across the intersection of South Ninth Street and East San Fernando on Sept. 15. The logo can be seen when walking to or away from the Student Services Center next to the 10th Street garage. [more…]

Have you seen the Spartan at South Ninth and East San Fernando? Measuring 15 feet across, the large symbol was installed Sept. 15. It’s the product of the Associated Students of SJSU’s Campus-to-the-City initiative. [more…]

Our mission is to represent the students of San José State University and continually improve the quality of their educational opportunities and experiences. Our commitment is to provide services and activities that enhance the opportunity to meet, recreate and maximize student life. [more…]

The College held a Scholarship Celebration honoring donors and students. The event brought together over 170 donors, student scholarship awardees, family members, faculty, and friends. Keynote speaker and alumnus Gino Blefari spoke of the value of giving back, student speakers Nicholas Ayala… [more…]

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