Optimizing Project Team Success

The perfect balance between people and process helps achieve goals and objectives the fastest.

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Hi, I’m Nick. ?

The San Francisco Bay area has been more than just my home for the past 25+ years…

From becoming a San Jose State University graduate to the adventures with employers like Deloitte and Legion Technologies – life’s journey thus far has been eventful.

Nicholas Ayala



From Fortune 250 client deliverables to working alongside startup leadership, I have been fortunate to participate in the growth of a myriad of project teams.

Throughout the various types of work that I’ve participated in, the core expertise that I contributed were identifying the best ways to optimize process and procedures amongst cross-functional teams.


“…one of the best I’ve seen in the business operations role. I would not hesitate to hire him. He is quick at delivering results and builds tools that are unmatched. Absolute must hire!”

Gregson Siu

Chief Customer Officer, Legion Technologies

“…He has always provided me with an alternative solution to situations regarding my businesses and startups. I know I can always count on Nick to be truthful, clear, concise, and deliver on tasks….”

Rohullah Latif

VP of Engineering, Valcon Engineering

In my Spare time:

Helping others with personal finances

From -$18,000 of Student Loan Debt to $75,000+ in 5 Years

Graduating from San Jose State University was one of my proudest accomplishments.

As a first-generation university graduate, it was a milestone that had made my parents proud…

…but came with an endless list of things to learn.

With over $18,000 is student loan debt, I was now the first in my family having to manage this as I started my career.

Learning about personal finances was something that took me years to understand (and I’m still learning).

Now I try to help as many people as possible figure out what took me years in a fraction of the time…

Nicholas Ayala Sitting on Stool
Spartan Up! ?