Forcing motivation upon yourself when you have to do something is fairly easy. You have to go to class and do that assignment or your have to go to work because you need to afford next month’s rent. But what do you do when you want to do something more than just the bare minimum to survive?

I always have my hands tied into side projects keeping me up at night when I know well that I should be sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I get lazy. But one thing that keep ringing in my mind was this concept that typically people stop proactively learning things after their schooling stops.

Have my college degree? Great! I can go to work then Netflix and watch the football game until I fall asleep and replay my day tomorrow!

That is a cycle of life I cannot imagine being played out until I die. What makes life inspiring is doing this that stimulates the brain and ultimately brings joy. And I would love to have more time to do that kind of stuff…

So, that is what I do. Close my eyes and imagine ideally how I would like to live my life by 30, 40, & 60 years old. I’m not outlining that I will have a yacht and private jet (though that could be what you may truly want). But what is most importantly is thinking about the lifestyle. When I open my eyes in the morning, I will see… When I get ready for the day, I walk into a bathroom with a view of…As I start my car, I am sitting in a…

Building that image so strongly in my mind and then working backwards provides a compass for what I need to work on today if I really want to make that a reality. For me, I understand that working for someone the rest of my life is not going to provide me the flexibility that I ultimately want, so I need to invest time outside of my 9 AM – 5 PM job to build something of my own. I also want to take care of my physical health, so I need to allocate time for that.

My Monday – Thursday (sometimes Friday) Schedule:

Now one thing that helps me consume information during downtime are the Podcast and Audible mobile applications. I sit in traffic anywhere from two – three hours per day. Instead of listening to music (which I still sometimes do), I can sit and listen to a book or insights on personal development, real estate, or perspectives on mindsets from various startup founders.

Check out my list 2018 Year In Review – Books, Podcasts, & Audibles

So all in all, what keeps me motivated? The future of my life that I have designed in my mind so detailed that it the upcoming reality.

Current Mobile Background that I read when I don’t want to wake up in the morning.

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